Sarah Connor

In case you haven't heard, they are making the movie Terminator into a tv show called "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles". How do I know? Because on every other bus on my commute has the advertisement with a picture of the new Sarah Connor.

Let's compare and contrast shall we?

See the differences? There is no contest between Linda Hamilton (left) to Lena Headey (right). Linda: Tough and cute; Lena: tough and dikey. Linda: MILF; Lena: no way.

But I can see the virtues of Lena in this role. After all, there was another very succesful show called 'Alias' that had a similar bodied actress in Jennifer Garner (below) who is also tough/cute/MILF.

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Dan said...

I know.... I've used this post as a way to gratuitously display Jennifer Garner's picture.