Power Line - Global Warming In One State

Power Line - Global Warming In One State

Why are the moose leaving Minnesota?

Here's what puzzles me, though: isn't global warming supposed to be--you know--global? That being the case, why are moose populations "burgeoning" in Massachusetts, returning to Wisconsin, "growing" in Michigan, moving into Connecticut, where historically they did not live, "booming" in Oregon, "resurging" in Vermont, "increasing" in Washington, "growing exponentially" in New York, "significantly increas[ing]" in Colorado, and "growing" in Utah?
Perhaps because thats where the moose-jobs are?

Words have meaning, Mr. President

Ritz-Carlton to close 5-diamond Las Vegas hotel in May

"The whole demonization of luxury meetings and companies' pulling back on having their high-end meetings in luxury hotels -- this has had a tremendous impact on Las Vegas," Deuschl said. "I can't think of another destination that has had to defend itself more against comments from politicians."
350 jobs lost.

What's your point?

Moscow says U.S. missile shield aimed at Russia | Reuters