NFL Crime and Punishment

Is it enough just to accuse a person of a crime for that person to lose his/her livelihood? Whatever happened to due process?

As for Ray Rice, there is actual video showing the crime. Obviously guilty as he's already admitted as such and apologized for it. Definitely a firing offense. Can he be rehabilitated and re-instated into the NFL? I think yes. I'll bet he'd do anything to play again.

As for Adrian Peterson, The debate on corporal punishment is a heated one. Did he cross a line using something other than an open hand across a bottom? Perhaps he did according to the lines most of us have with dealing with corporal punishment. Did he do anything more than what his own parents did to him? Don't know that answer. Should he get a suspension from his job? Yes, largely because he's already admitted it, but a total ban on him playing? No. I think this incident is a major learning event in this man's life. He'll never do this again.

Micheal Vic went to jail for his crimes. He did his time and got back to playing in the NFL. Neither Adrian nor Ray will do time, but they should have the same opportunity to win back positions in the NFL. 

These are large teaching moments and should be used as such.


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