An Open letter to my friends

To my friends who continue to post crap that somehow trump is bringing back naziism: you have totally bought into the cartoonish portrayal of trump that the msm and dnc has tried to project onto trump. The dnc and msm, the wapo and nyt in particular has continued to mischaracterized trumps words and deeds into something that is totally false. They have twisted up their logic to somehow make it look like trump is some kind of racist, xenophobic anti-Muslim baboon. Nothing can be further from the truth.
By posting nazi and Hitler's comparisons, you are fomenting hate and fueling the fires of these rioters and justify their actions. You are doing exactly what you feared trump's voters would do if Clinton had won.  You have been led to believe this by the DNC/MSM projecting their thoughts on what they would do if they lost on Trump and his supporters.  
You have been brainwashed by the cartoon sections of the nyt,wapo et al that were dressed up as the news and opinion sections. 
It is sickening that my good, intelligent friends whom I admire and respect cannot see through this tripe while continue to post comparisons to nazis. I will not respond on their walls this message because I'll be labeled as a nazi lover by their friends. But, you all need to calm down. Trump is not these things you claim. He is not responsible for the sick actions of a few idiots. He does not need to do anything to condemn these actions other then to Support the police to apprehend and prosecute these criminals. (No, I will not pontificate on the moral equivalence of the blm movement to these idiots, but comparisons can easily be made)
Calm down. Trump hasnt done a thing yet. He is not president yet. If, when president, he advocates something you fear he will, I'll stand by your side in protest.


About that electoral college thingy

We are starting to hear the caterwauling to remove this ‘arcane’ system of voting we have.  That would be a horrible mistake, and here’s why:

The USA is NOT a democracy!!!!  It is a federal republic comprised of 50 sovereign states.  Each state is allotted electoral votes based upon it’s population, so everyone’s actual vote is relatively the same for everyone.  Each state’s citizens don’t elect a President directly, we elect a slate of electors who then elect a President.  This concept is very important to understand because this is what forces a candidate to compete in each of the states. 

If we didn’t have this system, all a candidate would have to do is got to LA, Houston, NYC and Chicago to garner enough votes to win.  By doing so, these candidates would tailor laws specifically to attract more voters, thus leaving out the rest of the nation to fend for itself.  DC would not care less what happens in Florida, Vermont, Oklahoma, Nebraska etc. because they don’t need their votes.

This electoral thingy is what forces candidates to compete everywhere in America, and thus create policies for all of America.  Take a good look at the map.  There are entire states lit up in Red that would be totally ignored if there wasn't an electoral college.  Then take a look at New York.  The ONLY reason it went to Clinton was because of NYC.  There simply isn't much blue in rural areas of the country which have totally different needs then urban areas.  These are the people who produce the food, goods and services consumed by urbanites.  Shouldn't their voice be heard too?  If we were to abandon the electoral college, nothing but urban issues would be dealt with.

Think of it this way: in the world series, it’s a best of 7 tournament.  The Dodgers win 10-0 in the 1st game, but the Yankees win the next 4 games by 1-0.  Although the Dodgers outscored the Yankees 10-4, the Yankees won the series.  You need to win the game, and the games won is what counts, not the score.  In Politics, its a best of 50 states (and DC), with each state being weighted according to population.  When you win a state, you get it's points.  The total popular vote has absolutely no meaning whatsoever, just as the total runs scored doesn't matter to determine the outcome.

One more point to make is that the electoral system ensures we have a peaceful transfer of power.  IT has worked very well for America, albeit with some bumps in the road.  No other system has come close to this with such a large, diverse population as we have in the USA.


Election 2016

As we wake up this morning, Donald Trump has become the President-Elect.  This event, apparently, came by surprise to a lot of people.  I wasn’t surprised at all.  If anyone was paying attention to my ‘rants’ and posts, they all had a common theme: 

1) The polling was all skewed by oversampling democrats and independents.  Poll after poll, it showed Clinton with a lead, but when you took the time to normalize the polls to remove this oversampling, Trump was either tied or in the lead.  Furthermore, national polling looks at the nation as a whole.  We know that California and New York (for example) would vote to Clinton by wide margins, but what about the other states?  So even with the polls skewed towards Clinton, her 3 point lead in the RCP averages means it’s a tie.

2) There was absolutely no enthusiasm for Clinton.  While Trump was filling stadiums with thousands who couldn’t get in, Clinton couldn’t fill the area in front of a hot dog stand.  The only time Clinton got a proud is when she brought celebrities with her, including Obama, but at no time in her campaign did she receive a sizable crowd of willing participants.  If she can’t draw a crowd to her rallies, how could she draw them to the polls?

3) The MSM was totally, and unabashedly in the tank for Clinton.  If the MSM had been neutural as they should be, Clinton would have never made it through the primaries with all her scandals that were not covered at all.  Benghazi?  her illegal, private email server? All the quid-pro-quo and pay-for-play with her Clinton Foundation (or at least the appearance of such nefarious activity)?  Wikileaks? Project Veritas? Any one of these things would have sunk a candidate and if the MSM did some actual investigative reporting, would have landed her in jail.  But not Clinton largely due to the fact that the Clinton’s own the Justice department and Comey did all he could to block the FBI from investigating— this in itself is another scandal worthy of MSM investigation, but again they took a pass.

Meanwhile, while all that smoke from raging fires was taking place in the Clinton camp, The Clintons paraded out a bunch of bimbos, some paid to lie, some simply did so to get some fame.  Granted, Trump didn’t help himself much with some of his comments, but it was enough to fan the little bit of smoke into a small fire.  Is Trump a mysoginist?  no.  Just take a look at who’s running his campaign and his companies.  Is Trump a racist?  nope.  He has plenty people of color running his companies, and he’s opened up properties to people of color when that wasn’t allowed at the time.  Is Trump anti-muslim?  Nope.  All he said is that we need to stop the flow of Syrian refugees until we can get a better handle on who is here.  The same for the southern wall. Yet all you hear from the MSM is all the trumped up DNC talking points to somehow make Trump a worse human being than Clinton.  The DNC and the MSM worked very close together and nearly succeeded.  But, people came out to see Trump at rallies, and somehow he managed to break through the DNC/MSM talking points.

One more point to make.  I watched MSNBC for the election coverage, and watched them all try to figure out what happened.  What happened is that they totally bought into the liberal echo chamber that the MSM, NYT, WAPO etc. created, and that any deviation from what they confidently thought would happen was unexpected.  They totally bought into the lies and the talking DNC talking points while poo-pooing Clinton’s scandals.  And it wasn’t just them.  It was also my Facebook friends who totally bought into this false narrative as well.  I really feel bad for them as they hopefully realize that the NYT, WAPO, etc. did not do them any favors by skewing the news and not reporting fairly.

4) Lastly, Clinton should have been indicted for her email server and her foundation.  The ONLY reason she wasn’t was Clinton owns Loretta Lynch and the DoJ.  It was Bill Clinton who appointed Lynch to be Attorney General in the NY office… the same office that has jurisdiction over the investigations into her email server and foundation.  It is Lynch who built that office, and they are loyal to Lynch, so these investigations were stymied or hampered in any way they could. (Does anyone actually believe Bill and Loretta had a private meeting at a remote tarmac to discuss golf and grandchildren?) They constantly got in the FBI’s way.  Follow the dots.  Everyone else has except the MSM, which is why liberals haven’t connected them yet.  If this was anyone else, that person would have the book thrown at them a long time ago.

The electorate realizes that Washington is broken, and the only way to fix Washington is to hire an outsider with potentially new ways of getting things done.  Yes, the election was very close, but only because the democrats did a very good job of tearing trump down to create the perception that he's as bad as Clinton, who no one really is defending her scandalous behavior.  The electorate is screaming for someone to fix DC, which is why Sanders diid unexpectedly well, although the system was rigged against him.  Electing Clinton to fix DC would have been like the fox hired to guard the henhouse.  She is part of the problem, not the solution.  At least with Trump, we have a chance to fix things.

I've said this about the primaries: The people selected Trump despite the party, and the party selected Clinton despite the people.  The same can be said about this election.