An Open letter to my friends

To my friends who continue to post crap that somehow trump is bringing back naziism: you have totally bought into the cartoonish portrayal of trump that the msm and dnc has tried to project onto trump. The dnc and msm, the wapo and nyt in particular has continued to mischaracterized trumps words and deeds into something that is totally false. They have twisted up their logic to somehow make it look like trump is some kind of racist, xenophobic anti-Muslim baboon. Nothing can be further from the truth.
By posting nazi and Hitler's comparisons, you are fomenting hate and fueling the fires of these rioters and justify their actions. You are doing exactly what you feared trump's voters would do if Clinton had won.  You have been led to believe this by the DNC/MSM projecting their thoughts on what they would do if they lost on Trump and his supporters.  
You have been brainwashed by the cartoon sections of the nyt,wapo et al that were dressed up as the news and opinion sections. 
It is sickening that my good, intelligent friends whom I admire and respect cannot see through this tripe while continue to post comparisons to nazis. I will not respond on their walls this message because I'll be labeled as a nazi lover by their friends. But, you all need to calm down. Trump is not these things you claim. He is not responsible for the sick actions of a few idiots. He does not need to do anything to condemn these actions other then to Support the police to apprehend and prosecute these criminals. (No, I will not pontificate on the moral equivalence of the blm movement to these idiots, but comparisons can easily be made)
Calm down. Trump hasnt done a thing yet. He is not president yet. If, when president, he advocates something you fear he will, I'll stand by your side in protest.

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