War Drums

The left has been reduced to playing identity politics, and nothing more.  Divide and conquer has taken a whole other meaning with the left.  You ain’t nothing unless you are part of a protected group (except if you are unfortunate to be a white male… white males need not apply).

Lets take Elizabeth Warren’s antics in the senate recently.  She has been going on about Jeff Sessions somehow being a racist. Forget about the facts that Sessions has been honored by the NAACP, has marched with black leaders, even has the King family defending Sessions who has done absolutely nothing to warrant such attacks.  Warren keeps beating her war drums to a point where the senate had to shut her down.  She is clearly wrong, and continuing her behavior is against senate rules of decorum.

So now we get memes saying that 'white men shut down a white woman trying to amplify a black woman’s words.'  This in itself is racist and mysoginist for the simple fact that the author is pointing out the race and sex of everyone as if that matters or germane to the argument. It isn’t. But it highlights the bereftness of any rational thinking from the left these days by reducing these events to one of racism or misogyny (or anti-LBGT or whatever will piss off some other identity group or another) to invoke outrage in some identity group or another. 

And one wonders why our country is becoming more divided.  Look no further then liberalism to answer that.  Gay Pride — cool!  Black Pride — Cool!  Latino Pride — Cool! White Pride — RACIST!!!!!  This is how the left divides and conquers. The left has completely cracked the melting pot that once defined America’s greatness.

At some point, the left is going to get exhausted with 1) continually trying to provoke outrage and 2) being outraged.  The left will run out of stamina.  Meanwhile, those people the left are trying to convince to be outraged are being turned off and turning away from this negativity and hostility.  There’s only so much fake outrage people will take, and just like the boy who cried wolf, no one will listen anymore.  Pretty soon, the left’s leadership are going to figure this out and wonder what to do next recognizing they really have no agenda other then identity politics.  Heck, they are still trying to figure out how they got trounced nationwide in the last few elections.  They are going to continue losing state legislatures and governors unless they come to realize that insulting the people who vote by calling them racist, misogynist or deplorable (just to name a few) because they don’t think like the left wants them to think in an attempt to shame them into voting for a democrat is a losing strategy.

So, keep it up Lefties.  Keep reading the NYT, WAPO etc. and continue your perpetual outrage fueled by slanted news.  Keep crying wolf, and keep angrily marching further into the wilderness to the steady beat of faux-cahontis’ war drums.

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