LALALALALA... I Can't Hear you!

Regardless if you like DeVos or not, regardless if you think she's qualified or not, IT DOESNT MATTER!!!!

What matters is that she IS the Secretary of Education, and if you want to show her she's wrong, then the best way is to allow her to do her job while
 guiding her to your way of thinking by engaging in intelligent dialog and becoming relevant to her decision making. By continuing these shenanigans will not help her, nor will it help the children we are all trying to educate.

What exactly are liberals afraid of anyway? There isn't only one way (the liberal way, which has been failing our children for years now). There are other ways as well that closed-minded linberals will not listen to.

This kind of childish behavior towards Devos is like putting your fingers in your ears and saying 'LALALALALA.... I can't hear you!'.  

Grow up, become relevant to the conversation, or shut up and get out of the way.


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