Just a quick note on the presidential candidates and their VP selections: Between Obama, Biden, McCain and Palin, there is exactly 10 years of executive experience, and they ALL belong to Sarah Palin. She served 8 years as a mayor and is now serving as Governor of her state. She is the ONLY one among the 4 people who has ever been in a leadership position.

In my humble opinion, she is the ONLY qualified candidate this year. Unfortunately she is the VP pick, not the top spot.

and in other news, liberals are now realizing the predicament they are in: If Obama wins, then we are against women, and if Obama loses, we are all racists. This is the dangers of identity politics that liberals have created for themselves.

the good news is that no matter who wins, there will be a first, so we'll never have to go through this again.


Olympics Part III

I don't follow or watch basketball (I'm a short white guy.... can you blame me?). While flipping between NBC channels this morning, I was left with 3 choices.... watch the interviews just after USA won the gold in women's soccer; watch women's basketball or watch rhythmic gymnastics (girls hopping around with jump ropes... this is a sport?) the only reason I didn't turn off the tv was that the Australian women's basketball team was wearing skin tight uniforms rather than the baggy things team's usually wear.

The only reason women's beach volleyball is so popular is because they wear those skimpy bikinis while performing extraordinary feats of athleticism bringing out the best voyeurism in all us guys. When May/Walsh won the gold, they were very exited (in more ways than one). It was good tv.

So, I watched the Australian women trounce the Chinese in basketball for the simple reason of what they were wearing. If the WNBA wants more butts in the seats and more viewers, they should look up the uniform designers from Australia. Near the end f the game, the Aussies were up by almost 30 points. they kept on pouring it on by not letting up nor were they trying to run the clock out. In any other circumstance I would have thought this in poor sportsmanship and I would have lost a great deal of respect for them... but for the fact they were playing the Chinese who deserved this treatment due to their overall hubris during these games.

So (back to sports and to my next point) the Aussies won sending them to the gold medal round with America, and China will face Russia for the bronze. The question is (and not that I really care) who should I root against more fervently to lose the bronze?


Olympics Part II

In track and field, There was a time when all of the athletes were introduced. They had a cameraman walking down the line so we can see the faces of the men and women who were about to race. It was interesting to see the countries who qualified for these races. This time has apparently passed.

Last night, the women's 100 meter qualifier races were on (as an example). NBC only introduced those athletes who would eventually qualify. If you were blind, you wouldn't know there were 6 other athletes in the race. What was worse, there was one heat that they introduced the Jamaican and the American, but the Russian won. You never once heard the Russian's name mentioned. Not once. Again, if you were blind, you would not know who actually qualified to move to the next round. At the end of each race, I had to say 'Gee, what a surprise' because the winners were the only ones NBC mentioned (except if there was an American in the race).

I realize these races took place at least 12 hours prior to it being aired, so NBC has plenty of time to produce and edit what they will show us. I just wish they'd play it straight and show us the races.


Why I haven't watched much of the olympics

I don't usually watch a lot of TV (except football) and am a habitual surfer when I do watch. I was excited to watch the olympics. I remember as a kid watching Mark Spitz win his golds, watching that big russian weghtlifter (Vasily Alexiev??) make lifting look easy Bruce Jenner and watching the obscure sports (Walk racing anyone?). So, as I have been surfing around the channels, NBC almost always has a commercial or athlete profile when I tune in. I watched some good boxing on MSNBC and saw some volleyball on one of the spanish stations but when I tune to NBC...commercial. Where are the sports?

ESPN has all of the highlights so why do I even need to put up with NBC

No big deal, I think Ice Road Truckers is on tonight.



Soccer is like watching the grass grow for 89.5 minutes, with the other 30 seconds of actual excitement. the problem with soccer is that you have to watch the 89.5 to pick out the 30 seconds.

I dislike judged events. It is too subjective to be useful as a sport. There are amazing athletes involved in gymnastics, diving and other judged competitions, and they deserve a lot of credit and a fair competition. But the bottom line is which team has paid off enough judges. The Russian judge always scores the Americans lower, and visa versa.

One would think there are only 2 teams competing based upon the coverage: America and China. I know there are other teams, but we will never see them.

Beach Volleyball (especially the women) is an awesome sport. How these athletes can cover so much area on very soft ground is amazing.