Olympics Part III

I don't follow or watch basketball (I'm a short white guy.... can you blame me?). While flipping between NBC channels this morning, I was left with 3 choices.... watch the interviews just after USA won the gold in women's soccer; watch women's basketball or watch rhythmic gymnastics (girls hopping around with jump ropes... this is a sport?) the only reason I didn't turn off the tv was that the Australian women's basketball team was wearing skin tight uniforms rather than the baggy things team's usually wear.

The only reason women's beach volleyball is so popular is because they wear those skimpy bikinis while performing extraordinary feats of athleticism bringing out the best voyeurism in all us guys. When May/Walsh won the gold, they were very exited (in more ways than one). It was good tv.

So, I watched the Australian women trounce the Chinese in basketball for the simple reason of what they were wearing. If the WNBA wants more butts in the seats and more viewers, they should look up the uniform designers from Australia. Near the end f the game, the Aussies were up by almost 30 points. they kept on pouring it on by not letting up nor were they trying to run the clock out. In any other circumstance I would have thought this in poor sportsmanship and I would have lost a great deal of respect for them... but for the fact they were playing the Chinese who deserved this treatment due to their overall hubris during these games.

So (back to sports and to my next point) the Aussies won sending them to the gold medal round with America, and China will face Russia for the bronze. The question is (and not that I really care) who should I root against more fervently to lose the bronze?

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