Random Thoughts and Useless Information

Started jogging again and have had some time to allow collect my thoughts. To quote Harvey Korman as Hedley LaMarr in Blazing Saddles; "My mind is a raging torrent, flooded with rivulets of thought cascading into a waterfall of creative alternatives."

  • The Boston Globe had 3 main articles on the front page today. The most print went to the hospitalization of Teddy Kennedy. The second largest was an article on how the how the Gay community in California was rejoicing over their State Court's reversal of their gay marriage ban and how they are looking to Massuchusetts for help. No Front page on the Chinese Earthquake that has killed tens of thousands, nothing on huge humanitarian tradgedy in Myanmar. Not even any Obama kissing or Hillary bashing.
  • The Globe did have a nice article the Clinton past is catching up with Hillary.
  • I've taken an interest in Hockey now that the Penguins are close to making it to the Stanley Cup. Yes, I guess I'm a bandwagon fan, but it's the Hockey Bandwagon, not just the Penguins. I would be hard pressed to name more than 1 winners of the last 10 Stanley Cups (Didn't the Buffalo Sabers lose to Dallas a few years ago?)
  • It is the middle of May and the Pirates aren't mired in last place. In fact, they are 1 game under .500 and have a better record than the Yankees.
  • Speaking of the Pirates, I'm taking my kids (10 year old twins and and 8 year old) to their 1st major league game over memorial day weekend. We will be in Pittsburgh and go see the Pirates with my brother and his family (no child abuse jokes, please).
  • I've come to the conclusion that I don't hate the Patriots as much as I hate Bill Belicheck. The guy comes off as an arrogant @$$hole and I hope spygate continues to black cloud over his head. In a few years, the Patriots will fall back into mediocrity and we'll see how many true New England fans there really are.
  • I always liked the Boston Celtics (no NBA in Pittsburgh). It's great to see them doing well I guess you can have a good sports teams without a bunch of trash talking, look at me, thugs. A lot of NBA and NFL players should take a look at how well Garnett, Pierce and Allen play together.

Do you prefer a good Lager to a fancy Pinot or Chardonnay? Like discussing the finer points of a Belgium White or Hefeweizen? When you pour a glass and smell the fruity bouquet, it is more likely the Hops from a pale ale than some grape? Prefer Brew pubs to wineries? Then here is a great site.


These guys know what there talikng about (even if they did give the Boston Beer Works wild blueberry lager a decent rating. Blueberries and beer?? Don't think so)

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