Are We are Facing the Greatest Threat to Humanity?

We are Facing the Greatest Threat to Humanity: Only Fundamental Change Can Save Us | | AlterNet

Here is the money quote: "A 'wild law' is a law to regulate human behaviour in order to protect the integrity of the earth and all species on it".

In order to do this, you need to change all governments to a totalitarian dictatorship in order to attempt to regulate human behavior. You must take away everyone's freedom. You must regulate or take over all industries to a central planning agency.

Time after time, attempts to regulate human behavior has failed. It has NEVER worked and it never will. Humans believe they have a basic right to be free and do not wish to be regulated. China has tried this. They even took people's right to have children away. Russia has tried this and i remember stories of people lining up just to purchase toilet paper. Witness North Korea who can't even afford to keep its lights on at night.

Time after time, each attempt has failed because the attempt always left the country in ruins without the proper resources left to protect its own citizens, let alone the environment. Look at the pollution in China or the nuclear meltdown in Chernobyl as examples of what happens when resources are depleted with communism/socialism/totalitarianism.

It takes resources to protect our environment. The worst thing you can do is to confiscate money from those entities that generate these resources. The USA is the richest country on this earth and this country does more FOR the environment than any other country and we do it of our own free will. Can we do more... sure we can. But when you confiscate wealth, that wealth cannot then be used to generate more wealth and we will become poor, without funds to do what is needed for the environment.

The question: "Are We are Facing the Greatest Threat to Humanity?" can be answered: Yes, and the threat is coming from this author and her ilk who think they can control human behavior, setting trees, animals and bugs above human beings. This is the greatest threat to humanity and our way of life and freedom.

As an side, the author's premise is completely off base. Most of the assertions have been proven false. For example, our overall temperature has not been rising at all over the last 15 years.

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