Why Trump (or Kasich)

This year’s election cycle has been very entertaining.  Both parties thought they could just anoint someone and win their respective primaries easily.  What the party elites did not anticipate was the anger the electorate has for Washington DC politicians.  The electorate is angry for lots of reasons, but primarily that the news reports from the MSM simply does not reflect reality anymore.  Case in point: We keep hearing news about how the economy is growing and things are rosy meanwhile people cannot find jobs and have stopped looking or had to settle for part-time jobs because that’s the only thing available these days (largely due to Obamacare); more people are on food stamps than ever before ; costs are going up while wages are going down.  There is a worldwide Muslim terrorist insurgency happening and our MSM is not reporting on it, and when they do, they blame Israel.  Our borders are wide open and crime is rampant because of it, but our MSM won’t report on it.  We are being invaded by Syrian ‘refugees', and these ‘refugees’ are causing all kinds of mayhem in Europe, yet our government wants to bring this mayhem into this country.  Our national debt is the highest by far and growing faster and faster, but our MSM won’t report on this like they did when an ‘R' held the Whitehouse. We have given Iran a clear pathway to nuclear weapons and funding to achieve their goals (and fund their terrorist networks) and we got absolutely nothing for it in return.

The electorate is angry because we see the issues that aren’t getting reported accurately, and we see solutions to the mess, but the career politicians aren’t doing a thing about it other than perpetuating it.

On the Democrat side
Clinton has been chosen by the elites.  She has been anointed to be the nominee.  And in normal times, she’d have a cakewalk to the nomination, regardless of the fact that the process is rigged in her favor.  A candidate like Sanders who is a socialist, runs as a socialist, has been elected to the senate as a socialist and is listed as an ‘I’ in the Senate because he is a socialist somehow is doing quite well running in the democrat’s primary.  He won’t win the nomination because the democrat nomination process is rigged against anyone not anointed, but even still, he’s garnering support.  I don’t think this has anything to do with Sander’s positions.  Rather, his support comes from the anger people have against career politicians and Clinton embodies the worst characteristics of them.  She is dishonest, conniving, has huge monetary ties to Muslim countries via her Husband’s presidential library among other avenues of cash flow.  But, she simply is not likable because she is not genuine (have you heard her with her fake southern accent?  Have you hear her talk to a black audience?).  Her husband was successful because he could lie to your face and make you feel good about it.  She doesn’t have that kind of ability so she’ll lie to your face and you dislike her for it.  She is a deeply flawed individual with virtually no accomplishments to show for it.

Sander’s apparent strength is only measured against Clinton’s weakness as a candidate.

On the Republican side
The republican elites put their full weight behind candidates like Bush.  These same elites did what they could to tear down conservatives like Cruz and Rubio so they could mount a full court press for Bush.  This was their game plan, completely ignoring outsiders like Trump, Carson and Fiorina.  They simply didn’t (and still don’t) understand why the electorate is so angry, especially why republicans are especially angry with the GOP leadership.  They kind of understand why conservatives are angry but they discount them completely, much to their demise. 

Republicans are angry because for the last few election cycles, the elites have anointed establishment candidates (Dole, McCain, Romney).  Obama was elected (and totally beatable) because the GOP elite would not get behind someone outside of their control.  The GOP took the house, largely due to conservatives and the Tea Party pushing the GOP for change, and then took the senate for the same reason.  But what did the Elites do?  They gave us Boehner and McConnel (Both establishment members) and excluded anyone from leadership who wasn’t a party elite or elite wannabe which includes members of the people who made it possible for their leadership.  This was a big ‘Fuck You!’ to the Tea Party and conservatives who delivered the house and senate into their hands.  As we witnessed time and again McConnell and Boehner get rolled over by democrats in the minority, their failure to live up to any of their promises or to assert the will of the people who elected them, conservatives began pointing out their failures and began applying pressure on them.  The spineless, crybaby powderpuff Boehner couldn’t take it anymore and resigned. 

If you ever watched the Harlem Globetrotters, they always played agains the Washington Senators, and of course always won.  The Washington Senators were happy to lose because they were part of the act and were paid pretty well to look bad, or more to the point, to make the Harlem Globetrotters look good.  Republicans are tired of watching the GOP play the Washington Senators role to the Democrat’s Harlem Globetrotters.  Republicans are frustrated because they keep electing republican elites only to watch them happily lose to the democrats even when the GOP is in the majority.

Unlike democrats, the republican electorate is smart enough to realize that doing the same thing repeatedly but expecting different results is the definition of insanity.  Democrats continue to elect the same people that have destroyed their own cities (Detroit, Flint, St. Luis etc) so we know they aren’t that smart.

Republicans and conservatives railed against Obama because he had no experience whatsoever.  His Presidency reflected his lack of executive experience to America’s detriment.  (I can list out many examples, from having to be the smartest person in the room, hence Biden as his VP, to hiring people with lack of specific experience to run departments like Clinton and Kerry as Sec State etc. etc. etc.).  So why should republicans and conservatives get behind another senator like Cruz or Rubio?  Although both had legitimate careers prior to joining the senate unlike Obama, the point still stands.

So who is left besides the outsiders?  The governors, Bush, Walker, Kasich, Christie and Jindal.  Walker and Jindal exited the race because they saw the writing on the wall: they were not going to get support from the Elites and they saw what Trump was preparing to do.  They were the smart ones.  Christie is a Northeast Republican and although he is a tough negotiator and has done relatively well for New Jersey, he is no conservative nor would get the backing of a huge swath of republicans.  Bush became the embodiment of the establishment, and thus the lightning rod for the anger and frustration of the electorate, so much so that he was forced out of the running.  This leaves Kasich.  

As for the outsiders (Trump, Fiorina, Carson), Carson was too nice and Fiorina had some baggage from her Hp Days.  Trump, however, was saying and doing things to get noticed.  His airtime was largely free because of his antics.  Love him or hate him, you know him as a business man who is self funded, can’t be bought or controlled because of this, and is playing this election smartly.  I think he’s spent less money than everyone else, which shows what happens when you spend your own money rather then other people’s money: you do it wisely.  Regardless of his positions, Trump became the ‘fuck you’ candidate for the anti-establishment republicans tapping into the anger they have for the process.  No one really knows his positions on anything, and it doesn’t really matter what they are.  What matters is that he is not of the political elite, and the political elite are now perceived as the problem, and the solution to that problem is to not elect anyone from that crowd or whomever they endorse.

We keep hearing news reports about how Trump is damaging the ‘Republican Brand’.  If playing the part of the Washington Senators and continually getting beat up by democrats is their brand, then good, that brand deserves to be damaged.  In reality, it is the Elite that have damaged the party of limited government, strong defense, protected borders, and energy independence.  

So what is the elite to do?  Well, they all few down to a secluded Island in 54 private jets to figure this out.  They don’t like Cruz or Kasich because they are conservatives.  They enlist Romney to make a big speech.  (That just served to piss people off even further).  So it looks like they are pinning their hopes on Rubio.  But Rubio might not even win his home state of Florida!  It looks like Rubio and Kasich just made a deal that Rubio supporter in Ohio all vote for Kasich and Kasich supporters in Florida should vote for Rubio.  Is this the best the republican elites can do?  And when Trump eventually wins the nomination, then what?  Will they sit this one out and allow Clinton to win (a self-fulfilling prophecy on their part because Clinton is very beatable).  Will they grudgingly back Trump?

What SHOULD the elites do?  They should look in the mirror and recognize they have a major problem, and it isn’t Donald Trump.  It is themselves that refuse to listen to their constituents who are conservatives and will hold these elites to their word when they tell conservatives they will push a conservative agenda of smaller government, stronger defense, strength in leadership worldwide to combat ISIS and global Islamic terrorism, to protect our borders to make us all safer and energy independence so we are not beholden to volatile oil sheiks.  This is a problem of their own creation, and I for one love the fact they are squirming.

What should they have done if they were smart?  They should have backed a conservative like Scott Walker or John Kasich -two proven Governors with plenty of experience for getting things done - for President right from the start.  But they didn’t and said ‘Fuck you’ to us again, so ‘Fuck You’ right back — I’ll support Trump or Kasich, or anyone the elites don’t support just because ‘Fuck You’.

(I’ve always said the Republican party is the Party of Stupid, and they are sure living up to their name.)

So, for the 3rd cycle in a row, a very weak democrat will run against some republican and that weak democrat may win simply because they are running against the Party of Stupid.  But is sure is entertaining to watch, but aside from the entertainment value, our country is in dire shape.

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