If you can't behave, we'll take your flying priveledges away!

There are some forms of punishment that are meant to get the peers of the guilty to inflict punishment, or at least to get the peers to pressure themselves to not behave badly again. The armed forces do it... 'if one of you fail, you all do push ups till your arms fall off!' (or something like that). Or, 'If you kids can't share the tv, no one gets to watch it'.

It is now time to do the same for these asshole terrorists: 'If you swarthy middle-eastern looking men attempt to bomb another plane, there will be NO swarthy, middle-eastern men able to fly again'. Oh the outrage we'll here! The righteous indignation, the blasphemy of it all! If these people who will be outraged would spend just 10% of this energy where it belongs -- in loudly denouncing terrorism in deed as well as words -- the world would be a much better place.

But you know what?  Some swarthy, middle-eastern men could start their own airline to shuttle other swarthy middle-eastern looking men around... and let them bomb themselves.

Northwest Bomb Plot Planned by al Qaeda in Yemen - ABC News

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