If I was Prez, how I would lead on this Gulf Oil Spill

I got to thinking about how I would lead if I was President.  This came about by a comment on one of my Facebook posts, so I figured I should elaborate.

  1. Meet with BP CEO and keep an open line to make sure BP has whatever they need to be successful to stop the leak.  (Without talking to CEO, you can't hold him responsible to his words and actions.)
  2. Put someone in charge to work directly with BP to ensure they have every resource available and to coordinate all military and non-military assets with BP. (This may be the only step actually being done)
  3. Put someone in charge of oil containment -- give them authority to acquire whatever materials are needed and coordination of navy assets to get these materials installed. (Companies can make the booms if asked, some companies are making the booms unasked, but no one is taking them, unacceptable)
  4. Put someone in charge to coordinate state efforts -- Whatever a Governor needs this person ensures they get, give authority to cut thru all red tape to expedite fedgov response  (It took LA almost 30 days to get approvals to do what they needed to do, totally unacceptable)
  5. Put someone in charge to accept and coordinate Foreign aid in materials and assets. (Obama/Clinton has refused all foreign ad and materials, how stupid is that?)
  6. Get the best experts into a room and include people who know how to deal with man-made disasters, such as the Iraqi oil well capping. This would mean enlisting the dreaded Haliburton who I'll bet can help. Contact Alaska's experts who have dealt with Exxon Valdez disaster. (James Cameron only shows how unserious this prez is)
  7. Put someone in charge of the environmental issues --Ensure the environmental groups are heard ONLY if they have something constructive to contribute.
  8. Put an accountant on the team just to keep track of the expenses. Whatever it takes now will be paid for later.
  9. Put a lawyer on the team to document the process and hold people accountable AFTER the disaster is over. (lawsuit now only serves to dampen the spirit of cooperation and create an adversarial environment not conducive to solving the problem)
  10. Finally, don't say things like 'boot on the neck' and 'find me some ass to kick', it demeans the office and shows how un-serious, un-engaged, uncooperative and disrespectful to those who are trying to solve this issue in good faith.
All of these 'someones' are cabinet level people who will drop whatever they are doing to focus on this.  Daily briefings will happen right after the NIA briefing, and any major roadblocks will be addressed immediately.

As we witness this disaster, little of the above has happened. This is a disaster of leadership.

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