Mr. Prez, I am frustrated

Yes, I'm getting frustrated with stories of booms sitting in a Maine warehouse unused, of refusal to get international help, of supplies not getting here because of incorrect paperwork, of Governors requesting things and not getting answers, of knee-jerk reactions stopping all deep-water drilling thus hurting everyone and solving nothing, of saying stupid things like 'boot on the Neck' and 'kick some ass' etc. 

No, I have no problems with the prez playing golf or having personal concerts, after all, being prez is stressful.  But enough is enough already.  Prioritize, Mr. Prez, go to the funerals, not the fundraisers, and take advice from Oil execs, not movie execs. 

Mr Prez, After you give a speech at a High School about not finding blame, then go out and blame everyone else, who can take you seriously anymore?

Why isn't Greenpeace, Sierra Club, et al screaming their bloody heads off?  Why isn't the press treating this admin like they did after Katrina?

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