Progress Report -- Week1

This is the 1st full week on this new program.  I kinda feel like I woke up from a very long sleep.  Woke up groggy and wondering where the heck am I?  I feel like I'm beginning to get my head straight.  I opened my eyes just a little further and saw my house.  I closed them shut again!  But... opened them up reluctantly to see that I have lots of work to do to get the place in order.  Its a beginning.

Things are still overwhelming, but I feel much better this past week.  I have to rediscover the mental toughness that I had several years ago.  It won't happen overnight, but I'm encouraged so far with the progress.

I laughed this weekend.  Its a very common experience for most people, but not for me in a very long time.  Most people laugh and feel better afterwards.  That's why we laugh... to feel better and put aside problems for just a little bit. Yeah, I fake laugh a lot to keep up appearances but it isn't the feel better kind of laugh.

I laughed this weekend because of something my eldest did.  She played a practical joke on me that a week  before, I would have been very angry.  She put a rubber band around the kitchen sink spritzer and made sure it was aimed well.  So when I turned on the faucet, I got a blast of water in my face.  Of course the entire kitchen was hosed down too before I stopped the water.  It was a great joke executed very well!  Seeing my eldest's face trying to hold back the mirth... waiting for my reaction to know if she needed to run to the next county... I laughed.  And when I was done laughing, I gave her a big hug and some sponges to clean the mess up.

It felt good to laugh.  I hope to do it more.  Its a beginning.

Back to the program.  I am learning lots and I'm losing weight!  I have now lost 2 pounds already!  My energy levels are very good.  I don't feel run down anymore.  I hope to start putting the rest of the items together this week so I can start to earn some money from this.  More to follow when I know more if this will work or not.

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