Bring them Home Now

While driving my kids about town, we went through an intersection where there were protesters on each corner holding up signs and waving. The signs being held up said 'Bring Them Home Now'. I had only one question for them so I rolled down my window and took that deep breadth one takes prior to speaking your mind. Unfortunately the light had changed and I didn't get to ask my question.

Here is my question for these protesters: "Who should we surrender to?"

You see, there are only two ways to end a war: Win or surrender. Winning a war is difficult and can take time. surrendering is easy and can be done at any time.

So by advocating that we bring our troops home now, I can only assume that they want us to surrender... but to who? This enemy that has been attacking us since the 90's is not any form of government, nor recognized as any kind of political entity. They don't wear uniforms and don't adhere to any normal rules of engagement. They don't have diplomats or any representatives we can actually talk to nor even sign a treaty with.

The enemy we are fighting has been fighting us for a lot longer than we have been fighting them. The reason they are fighting us is very simple. In all of their speeches they tell us very clearly why they are fighting us. It is no revelation. Here it is: they started this war because we are not Muslim. They fight other Muslims because they don't practice their brand of Muslimness. This enemy is a small but vocal sect of Muslims, but they have cowed other sects into silence and have scared yet more sects into inaction.

So the only way to 'bring them home now' is to simply walk off of the battlefields in Iraq, Afghanistan, Korea, Bosnia, Europe and anywhere else we have troops stationed. Once we leave and walk away, They will follow. They will continue to attack us at home and abroad. There will be no end to their war until the entire world practices their brand of Muslim.

This is why we need to fight this war at this time. We did not start it, but by God, we better finish it.

So I have another question for those protesters, especially to the women: 'After we surrender, and after your rights to protesting have been taken away, How do you like your Burkha?'

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