NY Giants

I live in New Jersey. Technically, we have no football teams, at least we in New Jersey have to pretend that the Jets and Giants play elsewhere. In reality, they both play in New jersey at the same stadium called 'Giants Stadium' at least for now until some major company puts major money to put their major name on the Stadium sitting on NJ soil. In the same complex sits an indoor arena that when it opened, it was called 'Byrne Arena', then it became the 'Continental Arena' and now it is the 'Izod Arena'. I thought Izod was out of fashion in the '80's. Who Knew?

My office actually overlooks the Meadowlands Sports Complex (more on this on another post). I commute about 45 minutes each way so I have plenty of time to listen to the radio. Lately Ive been listening to WFAN ever since the blowhard left that station. Ive considered Imus non-listenable for about 20 years. His stupid comment, and then the stupidity that resulted from it was ... well... stupid.

Everyone is talking about the Giants-Pats game, and how the Giants should play the game. They all feel that the Giants should rest the players and allow the Pats to win because after all, the Giants aren't really expected to go very far in the playoffs with Dallas and Green Bay playing very well this year. So the theory goes.

I have a different take... As far as the Giants are concerned (and any other team) the goal is to win the superbowl. The Giants should view this game as practice for winning the superbowl. What better opportunity to test out the Patriots offense and defensive strategies than to play them as hard as you can. What better way to test out the Giant's tactics to see what works and what doesnt? You can't do this with the benchwarmers.

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