Holding back the tide

There are two lines of thought I am going to pursue and try to equate somewhere down the road. these are 'global warming' and the 'Oil Crisis'. I have these in quotes because both of these topics have been topics of many news articles. I have come to believe that both are man-made contrivances.

Those who think a few million grains of sand can hold back the tides can also believe that man has caused our world to 'heat up'. There is no question that the average temperature has risen in the last few decades, but this has happened in the past as well... about every 1,500 years. The fact that the Sun goes through relative warm and cold periods (like summer and winter) has the ultimate impact on Earth's weather. There may also be a correlation between sunspots to our temperature. There was a period of time in the 1600's when there was virtually no sunspots. at the same time, there was a 'little ice age' happening on earth. At the moment, we are nearing the end of the 'summer' period. In fact, the Earth's average temperature has DECREASED over the last few years according to NASA's Aqua satellite data. Why don't we hear any of this? It doesn't fit with the media's doom and gloom nor does it fit with the socialistic views of environmentalists who want to confiscate wealth to save the planet (that doesn't need saving).

As for the oil crisis, I'm going to speculate a bit, with no factual backup. In other words, I'm going to use Al Gore's methods for defining a problem. Why is the price of oil high? There is the laws of supply and demand, and at the moment, the demand is very high due to the emerging markets of China and India consuming more oil than ever before. There is also a constant threat to the supply because of where in the world the oil riches are. Our world's oil supply is controlled by those with 15th century thoughts and societies. They reap the rewards of the oil riches and don't share it among their populations. The richest countries in the world have the poorest people. I'm talking about the Middle East Arab and Persian countries. To get their populations from revolt and bringing their countries into the 21st century, they foster a deep seeded hatred of the Western Culture.

Anyway, I don't believe this is why the price of oil is so high. Let's back up for a moment. In 2003/2004, there was a very rich person trying to influence the Presidential election. George Soros believed that given enough money, he can influence the population into electing Democrats through direct funding and funding groups like moveon.org. He failed for one major reason: the economy was doing fine despite all of the hardships against it (War, Natural disasters, and other events).

What if there was someone that had enough money to influence the American economy? How would someone go about doing this? The answer is actually quite simple. The oil prices are set not so much based upon supply/demand in the present but on speculation in the futures market. If I had enough money to burn, I could buy barrels of oil for $120 if I wanted to, and that would be the price. I would do this by raising prices gradually over a period of time so as not to raise too much suspicion.

As a result, the prices of everything associated to oil prices would rise, and in America, that is just about everything from fuel to plastics etc. If gas prices goes up, so do delivery charges which ultimately get passed on to the consumer. This alone will cause inflation because now prices on everything including bread, milk and eggs are going to rise. this will cause everyone to notice that their pocketbook is getting emptier, and when this happens, they'll look for someone to blame. The media has been beating this drum now for a very long time with the help of democrats to ensure the blame is squarely on the republicans.

Once a democrat is elected President, the prices of oil will miraculously drop to normal levels and prices will fall somewhat, but not all the way back to levels from 2006. This is the conspiracy that is much easier to pull off that the Global Warming scam.

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