Surgery Today

today, for the first time in my life, I'm going to a hospital to be a patient. (I won't count the time I had to get a fish hook removed, but that is another story) I'm getting my tonsils out. surgery is at 1:30 today, and I'll be knocked out for the procedure.

I've never been knocked out before and I really didn't think much of it until the hospital put a living will document in front of me. then I got to thinking about 'what if', as in 'what if I don't wake up' or 'what if I'm somehow allergic to the anesthesia?'

So with careful thought, I filled out the living will to basically say if a cucumber has a higher IQ than me, then pull the plug. I know this a bit blaze, but I can't worry about all of the 'what ifs'. that is how people can go insane.

The decision to pull the plug will be made by my significant other. She and I discussed it so she understands my intentions. Also, she understands horticulture and the nature of plants so she is the best person I know who can quantify the relative IQ of any vegetable. Plus, there is no financial impact one way or the other for her as my kids will inherit everything. (I really need to formalize a will, I'll do this soon as I still feel I'm immortal)

If all goes well (and there is no reason to believe otherwise), I'll be home tomorrow eating Italian Ices and drinking my meals for the next week.

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