Not Screaming

It is implied, based upon the name of this blog, that I would talk about most anything that bothers me each day. Even to talk about those things that should only be written in a diary kept secure under your pillow. It is obvious that I don't do this as well as the obvious that there is a lot going on in my life to really scream about.

Blogging is actually very scary. It really puts yourself out there for the entire computerized world to potentially see. It also has the potential for people who are close to me to get the wrong idea of why I'm writing certain things. For this reason, I don't write about personal relationships or business relationships.

As stated before I have a lot to scream about (I've lost my job, my house is for sale, and my divorce is winding it's way through the court system). Just looking at the previous sentence makes me scream as well as get a 'woe is me' attitude.

However, I am not feeling miserable about the way things are. I actually feel pretty good and here is why: the job was a crappy job working for a crappy company, the future ex-wife was a crappy wife, (who did 2 really great things in delivering my 2 wonderful kids). I'll miss the house if I have to move, but there will be other places to keep the rain off of my head. I believe I have good marketable skills and will not be out of work for long. I only hope I can find a job so I don't have to sell the house.

But most importantly, I have someone in my life to share everything with, and she is my source of strength (as well as some aggravation, but that goes with the territory) as well as some really good friends and of course my family.

I know all will be well, thus there is no need to scream, nor panic. I've been in worse places, such as drifting onto Rikers Island (NYC Prison in the middle of the East river) without engine nor sail to keep us away with prison guards aiming rifles at us. I didn't panic then either, but there was a certain amount of yelling.

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