Pease Please

I saw a bumper sticker today that says 'Peace Please' with the peace symbol in between the two words. I saw another bumper sticker the other day that says 'coexist' written out in religious symbols from each major religion.

I think this is a great sentiment. I share their desire to have world peace. It would be great if we all could 'just get along'.

Id like to meet the owner of the stickers and prove a point. I'll bring along a 'neutral' party (you'll see why in a moment) for this meeting.

here is how this will go:
  1. Slap peacenick in the face
  2. Referee says to peacenick 'Peace Please'
  3. Repeat steps 1-2 for as long as it takes for the peacenick to walk (or run) away
  4. Follow Peacenick and continue from step 1
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 until peacenick finally asks 'why are you doing this?'
  6. Answer: 'Because you are not Muslim, will you convert?'
  7. Repeat steps 1-6 until peacenick answers 'yes'
This is exactly what has happened to America. We were getting slapped in the face all throughout to 90's, but we did nothing. We finally hit back to break this cycle and are still at war with those who have hit us. We will stop waging this war when they stop their war against us.

It is these radical-islamofascists who need to coexist with us. from all the evidence at hand, they are unwilling to do so. It is their stated goal to make the entire world Muslim. If you are not a Muslim, you are an enemy of theirs. Unless you are willing to convert, you will never have peace with them nor will you be able to coexist with them.

Their complete intolerance of everything not of their liking, such as those cartoons of Muhammad and the 'outrage' that ensued, makes it very difficult to 'co-exist' with them.

So for those with the bumper stickers, don't tell me about their desire to have peace, go tell it to our enemies. They are the ones responsible for this war and they are the ones who can end it by either surrendering (and coexisting with us) or dying. It is their choice.

As for us, we have a choice as well. We can either surrender (and convert), or fight on.

Update: Since I will NOT convert, I am already a target and an enemy of these radical-islamofascists. I have been waiting for an opportunity to post the following cartoon, and Captain Ed has given me this. Thanks Cap'n!

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