Linked In

The other day, my sister sent me an invite to a site called Linked In. I have to admit that I didn't think too much of the idea at first, but since I've got some extra time on my hands, I tried it out.

Once I set it up, with my information, job history etc., I went in search of other people. I was extremely surprised at the results. I found colleagues from companies past that I am now linked with as well as my first recruiter! I also found my best friend from high school who we've lost contact with each other about 20 years ago! I'm now in touch with other recruiters, collage buddies and old friends.

I have an interview as a result of Linked In in about 40 minutes.

I called my sister a few minutes ago to apologize for the attitude as well as to thank her for the introduction to the site. Thanks again Sis!

Anyway, I'll be putting an icon on this blog shortly so you can all see my profile.

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