On pins and Needles

I'm new to this blogging thing, so I haven't yet gotten into a decent rhythm. I also need to work on my writing skills a bit more to present an argument more fully. I have now a greater regard for those who do this daily and for a long while. The point of saying this is that I am not yet to a point that I can apologize for the light posting lately.

I have been distracted by events at work (I know, I shouldn't let a thing like work get in the way of blogging...). Our workforce needs to downsize for various reasons. It is not a well kept secret at all and coupled with the visibility of the CEO, VP of HR and CFO being huddled behind various closed doors, has made the rest of us very worried for our futures. My company also has a problem in that we cannot execute a plan very well. things tend to drag out too long.

All of us are on pins and needles waiting for the ax to drop, and it will soon. Morale is extremely bad and has made everyone very tense. Ive noticed that people are taking different attitudes:
  • 'Duck and Cover' -- these people keep there heads down, do what they are told even if they are told to do something they know is stupid.
  • 'wtf' -- these people figure since they are sure to get a pink slip, they will make life even more difficult for everyone else by being uncooperative by saying something like '... do it yourself, I have my own job to do'.
  • 'Who cares' -- these people think it wouldn't make that much difference if they worked here or not working at all. They feel very put upon already, so being laid off would be a relief. These people spend more time on Monster.com and Dice.com than actually getting their job done.
  • 'I want to keep my job' -- these people are now, all of a sudden, the model employee, unlike what they were doing previous. They can be seen sucking up to everyone who may have some influence over the decision. (I don't want to speculate how a select few women are behaving)
  • 'The Axe? What Axe?' -- These people are too naive or too stupid to know what is going on. fortunately, there aren't too many in this category.
As for me? I'm a combo of 'wtf' and 'who cares' with a judicious use of 'Duck and Cover'.

Update 2/19/2008: Well, Thats a relief. The axe fell today. I wasn't around long enough to find out who else was 're-organized' out of the company. It is just as well. The company is dying a painful death. If it survives the year, I will be shocked. The brands will survive and probably be sold off to various major companies, but the current company will disintegrate.

More on this later. for now, I'm going to do what any self respecting person who is 're-organized' should do: get drunk, get laid and get some well deserved sleep. (perhaps I can get 're-organized' tomorrow as well..heehee)

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