Rattling the Windows

I went to an Ears/Nose/Throat doctor last week to find out if there is anything that can be done for my neighbors. You see, ever since I moved into my new house, my township has been puzzling over the question of seismic activity in Central New Jersey. I snore. Apparently, I snore loudly.

Tonight, I go to a Sleep therapist to determine if my snoring is life threatening (not to the local wildlife as my township fears). I had to fill out a sleep survey and one of the questions was 'what wakes you up at night?' Knees, elbows and pokes wasn't one of the answers. They'll strap me in to a thousand wires and hopefully they will wear ear plugs (They've done this thousands of times so I'm not too concerned for them).

From this analysis, there may be a host of options. I'll describe these when I know more. The point is that I'm finally going to know if there is a way to stop snoring. My house can't take much more rattling.

Update: Well That sucked! They hooked me up to dozens of wires, each with either glue or tape, and as each went on, I knew that each would have to be pulled off. To top it off, I don't think I slept at all, and it didn't seem that I gave their windows the 'full treatment'. Now I'm very tired with sore patches all over. Now I wait (2-3 weeks) for the results.

Update II: I got the results back the other day. As it turns out, I did sleep for a bit, but not enough to do the CPAP test. So I had to go back. (How embarrassing, a test I've studied for literally all of my life, and I had to re-take the test) So not only did I have to where 2 dozen wires taped to me (OUCH x2), I had to wear a mask that forces air into me. The fun part is opening your mouth because the air pumps from nose to mouth. You can whistle without breathing! ( I think with practice, you can sustain a whistle forever and breath at the same time.)

At first, I used something like this:

Just shove this up your nose and breath against the stream of air while keeping the wires from strangling you. I challenge anyone to sleep under these conditions. I slept for about 2 hours and woke up with such a sore nose, so I had to switch masks for this:

This was way more comfy. I went back to sleep only to wake up gasping for air! My nose clogged up as it always does and breathing through the mouth is difficult with the CPAP. With assistance, I blew my nose, disentangled wires and went back to sleep.

Anyway, I'll get the results of this study in a few weeks. For now, I've got sore spots, residual glue and a lack of sleep. Good Night!

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