What a Game!!!

The NY Giants win the Superbowl! Most people believed this was almost impossible, highly improbable at the least.

NE Patriots had a phenomenal season and looked invincible. They are a tremendous team, one of the best I've ever seen, and Tom Brady (when not spouting inane politics) is among the quarterback greats. During their season, however, there were times when being great wasn't good enough; they needed the other team to screw up so they could win. Philadelphia and Baltimore showed everyone how to play and beat the Pats, but they both gave up bad penalties late in the game to allow Brady to do his thing. These teams lost the game, as opposed to the Pats winning the game.

Even the Giants played the Pats well in week 17, but came up just short.

as for the Giants, something happened to Eli Manning during Week 16 playing Washington. He went from a tier 2 quarterback (at best) to a tier 1 QB, but no one recognized this. He played the Pats virtually mistake free and almost won the game. TB wasn't a real problem for the Giants. Next up was Dallas. No one thought they could beat Dallas, but they did. No one thought they could beat Green Bay, but they did. And still, most people didn't give the G-Men their due.

Nobody thought the Giants could beat the Pats. Last night, Tom Brady got knocked around more than the entire season combined. The Giant defense played extremely well and kept Randy Moss out of the game. They put pressure on Brady that he couldn't find a rhythm, thus he had to rely on the short pass to Welker the entire night. That play to Welker was run about a dozen times, and still the Giants couldn't defend against it. But, you can't win a game with this one play.

This game was among the best games I have ever seen. It was even better than the Giants vs. Bills Superbowl XXV when the Giants won in the last minutes with a Matt Bahr Field goal, and then a Scott Norwood Miss from 47 yards with 4 seconds left. The reason: The Bills lost that game. Last night, the Giants Won because they outplayed the Pats.

What a game!

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