Go Giants!

I am a Giant Fan (as well as a Steeler fan). Nobody, and I mean NOBODY had given the Giants any thought that the Giants would reach the Superbowl, including myself. I thought they would beat the Cowboys, but lose to the Packers in frigid Green Bay. From all of the analysis, Eli Manning could not play in cold weather. I bought into this as well.

What I saw last night was astounding: A quarterback playing as if it was 50 degrees while the other quarterback played as if the cold was the worst thing (this is not the astounding part); the astounding part is that it was Favre who played to the cold and Manning who ignored it!

Manning played yet another near-flawless game. during the regular season, Eli was almost written off as a mediocre (at best) qb that will never reach the ranks of his older brother. Give the guy some time. From the last few games, he has showed us something bordering on greatness.

On to Arizona and the Patriots. As the saying goes... '...any given Sunday'. GO GIANTS!

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