Nobody died when... My car lied?

There is an interesting article I just read that there may be driverless cars on the market within 10 years (hat tip to Drudge). It's a good article so read the whole thing. But there is one paragraph that struck me as funny:

The Defense Department contest, which initially involved 35 teams, showed the technology isn't ready for prime time. One team was eliminated after its vehicle nearly charged into a building, while another vehicle mysteriously pulled into a house's carport and parked itself.

I'll bet that someone told the car to 'go home', but the database told the car to pull into the person's old address because the database wasn't quite up to date so the car reacted to the most current information it had available to it. In the loony world of Liberals, this is considered a lie. Thankfully nobody died when the car lied.

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