Satisfying Commute today

As anyone who has driven with me knows, I am a driver, not a commuter. I view the car not as a means of transporting myself but driving myself from here to there. I can also get somewhat competitive on the road, but I don't let my ego drive my car, which means I stay within certain safety guidlines; I always use my signal, I don't cut people off and I generally don't drive overly aggressive. If someone else is on the road with me who is also competitive, once that person does something overly aggressive, I terminate the game.

Yesterday, there was another driver who was making the moves and passed me by, so I engaged in the game. Once I got back in front, I stayed in front, right up to my exit. I pulled into the exit ramp behind the truck, the other guy saw an opening and in a beautiful move, also took the exit but in front of the truck. He won the game because I didn't keep the pressure up thinking he wasn't exiting. I 'tipped my hat to him' at the toll booth.

Today was an ugly day, pissing rain which always causes undue traffic on the NJ Turnpike, so I was taking it easy, but still making the moves. And guess what?? There he was right in front of me! I made a move to get next to him. He saw me, but didn't recognize me until I pulled in front of him. GAME ON! Bottom line is I got to the toll booth about 1/2 mile ahead of him by using a bus pick and roll into clear space.

Very satisfying, but I hope to play again as the score is now even.

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