The Politics of Hope

The politics of dancing
The politics of oooh feeling good
The politics of moving
Is this message understood
What exactly is "The Politics of Hope"? Since he spoke at the 2004 Democratic Convention, Barack Obama has thrown around the phrase like he has it trademarked and will receice a nickel for every time someone else says it.
Politics is defined as "the practice of conducting political affairs."
Hope is defined as "the feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best."
Therefore, the Politics of Hope (cha ching!) is the practice of conducting political affairs to further the feeling that events will turn out for the best.
Mr. Obama wants to take us away from the bickering about whether or not tax policies will help or hurt the economy, or should we actively oppose those who would actively try to kill us. He believes that hoping for the best should be the national policy of the United States of America.

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