NPR Has Selected the GOP Nominee

NPR has selected the GOP nominee. Now we don't need to go to the polls. Thank you NPR, now we can tune out and not pay any more attention to the selection process. What a relief.

Oh yeah, the winner is..... John McCain!

NPR is busily and happily attacking Romney for his Mormonism (forget that he was a governor, succesful businessman and the Head of the Olympic Committee with real life experiences). He is a Mormon 1st and formost, and each time NPR mentions Romney, it's like '.... Mitt Romney (R-Mormon)'.

NPR is also busily and happily attacking Rudy Giuliani because the fallout from 9/11 made the air somewhat hazardous, but didn't communicate this adequately (forget about his being a US attorney who took on the mafia and won, or his being Mayor of a dying city and turning it around completely).

This is all you hear from NPR. Not a negative peep about John McCain. The reason for this is that McCain has not been in any position of authority which NPR can attack.

Thanks again NPR for helping me narrow my selection. Because NPR is for the guy means I can now eliminate him from my consideration.

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