Marion Jones

Marion Jones was sentenced to 6 months in prison for taking steroids and lying about it. I also heard about it on so-called NPR this morning (but I can't find the audio on their site yet). In the so-called NPR report, her lawyer asked that she doesn't get prison time because 'she has suffered enough' because she had her Olympic medals stripped and because she went from national hero to national disgrace. The Fox News item I linked to makes no mention of this.

Here is Point #1: There are many ways to present a story. What so-called NPR fails to realize is that they always slant the story towards their view of the world. So does Fox, but I feel Foxnews attempts to report things right down the middle.

Here is point #2: In the world of loony liberal logic, it matters not what you did but who you are that should determine the consequences of your actions.

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