Tax Rebate Deal Reached II

If Federal Government was really serious about stimulating the economy, they have a perfect opportunity to do so right now. All they need to do is raise the standard deduction threshold, below which is earnings not taxed, to a level where more people would not pay any income taxes, and make it retroactive to 2007. This will put money directly into the pockets of taxpayers now by simply having them not send their money into the IRS. Simple. Straightforward. No room for pork-barrel add-ons to the bill. Cheap because now the Feds don't have to spend a dime in printing and mailing checks. Logical.

By having a 'rebate' implies we need to send the IRS our money, and by a 'gift' from FedGov, we get a check back and feel real good the government is taking care of us. We are then supposed to thank Nanna Pelosi and Uncle Reid for their generosity.

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