Marion Barry (part 2)

I think 6 months is too lenient. She cheated and lied, she embarrassed her teammates but what is worse, she embarrassed the USA by representing us at the Olympics.

Using drugs to enhance an athletes performance is extremely unfair to all of the athletes who compete against that person. It completely tilts the play field. Those athletes who DON'T take drugs but witness it should be screaming very loudly, even if they are teammates.

  • It is like racing with a motorcycle in a bicycle race;
  • Using a powerboat in a sailboat race;
  • pitting a professional hockey team against a high school team;
  • Using a heavy beach ball for bowling;
  • taking a gun to a knife fight;
from comments:
  • Like playing football against the Jets
Please add any more analogies in the comment section. I'll put them up into this post.

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