We Won't Get Fooled Again

There was a commenter on our brand new shiny blog which got me thinking (btw, thanks for the comments, please continue) about the inner screaming I was doing several years ago. Liberals have a mantra of ‘Bush Lied’ or ‘where are the weapons of mass destruction?’, and now that I have this blog, please allow me to re-tort.

These people have completely forgotten the history behind the Iraq Wars. You see, we didn’t just start this war; we are finishing what we started back in 1991. The first Gulf War did not end with a peace treaty; it ended with a cease fire with many conditions set upon Saddam Hussein.

For instance, Hussein needed to allow UN inspectors to have unlimited access to his country. During the subsequent years, he continued to play cat and mouse games with the inspectors making it seem he had things to hide. By the time Bush was in office, everyone including Bill and Hill Clinton, John Kerry, most of the democratic leadership as well as most European heads of states all were saying the same thing. All of the information available at that time pointed to the same conclusions that Bush came to. Since Liberals claim that Bush Lied, the only person that today’s liberals agreed with was Saddam Hussein (this must make sense in the world of loony liberal logic). We know Hussein had chemical and biological weapons because he used them on his own people. Where are these weapons now? This is a very good question that still needs to be addressed.

Hussein was restricted to where his military could go. There were Northern and Southern No-Fly zones, which Hussein regularly broached. He placed our military in danger by shooting at us and continuously breeched the cease-fire agreement. After 9/11 awoke this sleeping giant, USA was in no mood to have our brave men and women be Iraqi target practice without the ability to eliminate the threat once and for all. After dozens of UN resolutions ranging from ‘please’ to ‘pretty please’, to ‘we mean it this time’ to ‘or else’ (knowing full well the UN has no backbone for the consequences of the answer ‘or else what’), America resumed hostile actions against Iraq saving the UN from extinction. We then proceeded to eliminate one of the world’s maniacal leaders.

As for the claim that Hussein had no links to 9/11, my answer is simply: Duh! No one said there was. But to say Hussein had no ties to Al Qaeda is ludicrous. There was plenty of documented contacts between AQ and the Iraqi government, but not yet a ‘collaborative relationship’ as per the 9/11 commission. That was just a matter of time if we allowed things to continue. It is no coincidence that our primary foe in Iraq is AQ called ‘Al Qaeda in Iraq’. It is AQI that has been stirring up troubles and prolonging this conflict.

AQ’s primary weapon is propaganda, and they are very willing to take the words and utterances of the liberals in this country as a sign that their strategy is working, and not only that, to use these same liberals as useful idiots for their cause to foment unrest in our own country. Osama Bin Laden can sit back and watch our liberal left perform his work for him.

In conclusion, Liberals believe Saddam Hussein was the only one telling the truth and that they are doing the work of AQ. So, dear commenter, exactly who is getting fooled?

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