New England Patriots - Tough Choices

The longer I live in the Boston area, the more I dislike the NE Patsies. Well, not so much the team (with the exception of Belichick) but the "jump on the bandwagon" fans. In the not too distant past, the Patsies couldn't even sell out all of their home games, now everyone is a "long time" fan.

Worse, yet is that these so called fans don't even know football. I was wearing my Steelers jacket prior to the NE/PIT game in December when someone commented that the Steelers were a bad team. After a few comments where exchanged, Captain Moron said in a smug tone,"Well we won 3 SuperBowls, how many have the Steelers won?". (5 for any Patriot fans reading this). I'm tired of hearing about how great Belichick is and how the NFL was so unfair to penelize him for the Video Cheating scandal.

So, now comes my problem. I'll win $80 if the Patsies win the Superbowl. Do I cheer against the Belichick and the Patsy nation or do I cheer for a few bucks in my pocket? Should I stick with me true feelings or prostitute myself for the cash? Being able hold my head up high or buy a great bottle of scotch and some good beer?


Go Patriots

(I feel so cheap and used)

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