Boston Firefighters Union - Fighting to Kill it's Members

A few months ago, 2 Boston Firefighters were killed while battling a fire. It was later determined that one had cocaine in his system while the other one had a BAC of 0.29! Now, there is a proposal by the City of Boston to implement random drug and alcohol testing for firefighters, but the Firefighters Union vehemently opposes it. Being that unions still have a lot of clout on Boston, it looks like random testing won’t happen for firefighters. How can the union leaders be against something that could save the lives of their members and possible the general public?

I would like to know who allowed someone with a 0.29 BAC to enter a burning building, or for that matter, how could someone who is that drunk even stagger into the building in the first place. Why didn’t the other firefighters on that call have the drunk guy “watch the truck” or something? But so far, there has been no word of disciplinary action (or better yet, criminal charges) against the supervisor(s) that allowed these guys to go into the burning building. I guess the union is protecting them as well.

I believe that the vast majority of people have high degree of respect for people who put their lives in danger to protect the public (myself included). But it’s actions like this by the Boston Firefighters union that will erode that respect.

75 years ago, unions were needed to protect workers from greedy industrialists. Who will protect today’s workers from greedy unions?

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