Random Ramblings

  • It's a new year and time to get back into the exercise mode. I hate to jog, but enjoy eating and drinking so I can either cut down on my calorie intake or exercise more. I'm running out of excuses, it finally warmed up around here, the ice is mostly off the sidewalks, and my pulled hamstring finally healed. And, there is only so long I can write this blog. I'll still have to dodge the snowbanks and fine Massachusetts drivers but I'll soon be plodding 1.5 miles around the neighborhood.
  • Too many ups and downs during the Steeler game last night. Now I'll be stuck listening to "Bandwagon" NE Patsy fans at work tomorrow.
  • I think Bill Belicheck is a great coach but he still acts like a jerk. All the more reason to hope they lose.
  • The bad thing about living close to New Hampshire is being subjected to all of the political ads. Radio had been crazy for a few months but it now hit the Boston TV stations. During the post game show after the Redskins/Seahawks game, I was treated to Hillery, Edwards and Romney, back to back to back.
  • Too bad Newt Gingrich got in trouble. We could use another Contract with America

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