HillaryCare Conspiracy Theory

ok, I have no proof, nor any links (yet). I just want to put this out there.

Isn't the goal of liberals to have a massive Federal government control our health care and to provide cradle to grave insurance? Wasn't this 'HillaryCare' and is this not what Obama is now pushing?

I would think the only way to accomplish this goal is to have a government run/owned Insurance Company and force everyone into it... or at least those that cannot afford their own health care... which is to say just about everyone.

Now we have the Federal Government owning 80% of one of our nations largest insurance companies, AIG. Is this Step #1 towards their goal? For Hillarycare, this was probably the hardest and most complex part to accomplish in building the infrastructure to provide the products needed. In one fell swoop, this has been dealt with.

Step #2 is perhaps convince the public that we should maximize FEDGOV'S investment by saying something like: 'Now that we have this insurance company, we should use it to insure everyone, especially the children (it's always about the children as if us parents can't raise them ourselves)?'

Step #3 is to pass legislation in the liberal controlled congress and have the liberal president sign it.

In other words, by this time next year, HillaryCare could be a reality, while we all scratch our heads and wonder how this could have happened so fast.

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