Oil Drilling

I have a few questions for Congress:

1) Why don't we drill where there is oil? It seems to me that setting artificial and arbitrary boundaries limits the effectiveness for obtaining the oil thus increasing the cost of extraction and delivery. For instance, if there is a large oil source that is out of bounds, but smaller ones that are in bounds, it would take more oil rigs to do the extraction, as well as having to lay down that much more piping to get it to shore. The more oil rigs there are, the more potential risk to the environment (this makes no sense in the world of loony liberal logic).

This arbitrary restriction is like saying that we can't build a wind farm in the windiest places in America because it would wreck someone's view, so build wind farms where the wind isn't as good or consistent.

2) Why is this even a Federal issue at all? Each state should govern what happens within their property. Granted, it can get dicey when dealing with state boundaries off-shore, but I think an easy solution can be reached: just draw a line from the state boundary due east (or due west for left coast states). Easy.

Once the boundaries have been drawn, each state can decide what to do with their oil reserves, with the Federal Government acting as a customer. Each state can decide how to lease the land to the oil companies, and each state can decide how to divvy up any royalties paid to the residents of that state. This is basically the Alaskan model set up by Governor Palin. If a state doesn't want to have any drilling, that is their prerogative. When that states residents sees their neighboring states' residents getting tax breaks or reduced prices at the pumps, I'm sure they will put pressure on their state's government to change their minds.

We know the answers to these questions. It is because the Federal Government has grabbed too much power over the states and will not let go, even though what they are doing is constitutionally questionable. We also know that Liberals are more interested in control over our daily lives. I know this is a bold statement, but it is born out by the fact that they do not want us to have money in our pockets by keeping tax rates and energy costs high... and money = freedom, thus less money = less freedom. To a liberal, competition is verboten unless they can control it, thus they do not want states to compete for energy solutions.

Remember, the energy platform of Liberals is BANANAs -- Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anything.

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