McCain suspends campaign

John McCain suspended his campaign so he can focus on the upcoming votes for the economic bailout plan. He is also asking to postpone the Friday's debate.

Although this shows us that the country comes first in his mind, he still must realize he is running for president against someone who will destroy this country's economy by his Liberal policies. This should be his number one focus. Also, a President, facing a crisis somewhere in the world, simply cannot suspend his Presidency on all other matters he/she faces. this is not an option for a President.

If McCain feels it important enough to be apart of the Senate deliberations, that's fine. He should do his duty as a Senator. But, he needs to delegate to the rest of his staff, especially Sarah Palin, his campaign duties until he can focus once again on the campaign.

If I were McCain, I would tell Obama "I must focus on this crisis in the senate. If you feel the same way, please join me in postponing the debate. If you do not feel the same way, I will send Sarah Palin to debate you". That oughta scare the bejeebies out of Obama.

In Fact, all of the Senators should be in DC for the senate deliberations. Palin then would be the only one available to campaign.

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