September 11

I was in NYC yesterday for a job interview. The prospective employer is downtown in the Battery. I commuted the best way I knew how.. took the train to Newark and switched to the Path to the WTC station. I live in NJ, not too far away from NYC, but I don't go to the City very much. Although I have been to the City a number of times since 9/11, This was the first time I was downtown. Not that I have been avoiding this, I just never had to occasion.

It has been 7 years since Islamic terrorist assholes attacked us, and life has long since gone back to normal for most people. The event, although never forgotten, was not at the forefront of my mind at the time. I was focusing on the interview, and very little else.

The last time I was downtown, I took the Path to the WTC station. As I remember the trip, once entering the tunnel from the Jersey side, you don't see daylight again until after you exit the train, go up the escalators and walk outside.

My concentration on the interview was completely shattered when the Path train broke out into daylight about 1/4 mile from the station. You can look up into the sky and see buildings, cranes, workers and construction. The Path station itself was partly outdoors. Needless to say, I was deeply moved by this, and as I made my way up to street level, I realized I was feeling the same emotions I felt 7 years ago to almost the same intensity.... sadness for the victims and their families, anger at those assholes who now are cowering in caves like the worms they are... amazed that in this information age that those on flight 93 we instantly alerted ... and finally pride in Americans that those on flight 93 took action like the true heroes they are.

Once I got to street level, I began walking downtown. There were tourists with cameras gawking at the site all over the place. There were a few streets blocked off and stands being erected for 9/11 ceremonies. I don't know if any of them had the same emotions I was feeling. It didn't matter. I hope they take a lot of pictures and show them to a lot of people. I feel that we should be showing pictures of the towers before during and after the attack to make sure we do not forget...ever. Our complacency is our enemy's advantage.

When I was growing up, I watched those towers being built from the treetop in backyard. I would come home from school and climb my tree and count the number of floors. I watched the towers crumble to the ground. If I get this job, I will watch the new buildings built. I hope I get this opportunity.

Update: Unfortunately, I will not have this opportunity.

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