Where are the adults?

Achmud Imadinnerjacket is probably the most dangerous man in this world. By his own words, he means to destroy a sovereign nation by any means possible. If this madman gets a nuclear device, he will most likely use it against Israel.

This madman deserves to be ridiculed, ostracized and demeaned in any way possible. His stay here in the UN should be made as uncomfortable as possible.

Rightly so, the NJDC is organizing a protest, and in an act of common values as Americans, invited influential people of all political parties to the rally. This should have been a no-brainer to show our united front against terrorism and extremely bad behaviour.

So what happened? As soon as Hillary Clinton found out that Sarah Palin (A sitting Governor, a VP candidate and strong proponent of Israel) would be there, she bagged the event. What a childish thing to do. It should serve to show us that she has absolutely no moral compass when she cannot bring herself to share a stage to show a common American Purpose. For her, it's Party first, and then Country. Actually, Its HRC, Then Party and only then Country.

So, the NJDC reached out to other Democrats, and none of them would attend. Who exactly is making this a political thing? Where are the adults in the Democrat party? They are all acting like badly behaving kindergartners.

Then, to make matters worse, the NJDC rescinded their invitation from Palin saying well if we can't get any Democrats, then we can't have any Republicans. As a Jew, I am ashamed of this group's behaviour. They acted almost as childish as the Democrats.

This should have been an American event... non-political and non-partisan. Instead, the Democrats and this lame Jewish group turned this into a joke. This rally will not get the attention it deserves because they denied national voices to attend. 'It's my ball, and I'm taking it home'. WAAAAAA!

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