McCain's Gambit

Here we have a situation where Bush (who has a plan), Democrats (who don't have any plans), Conservatives (who are not fond of bailouts), McCain (who has also put forth a plan) and Obama (uh...if.. uh...uh...If I'm uh needed, I'll uh... come to uh... Washington) are all in desperate need of someone to pull it all together and get it done. What is needed is someone to take a leadership role. Enter John McCain.

McCain will go to Washington and meet with Bush, leaders of both parties and Barrack Obama to hammer out the details. The Conservatives do not want McCain lose the presidentsy, so they will eventually support (albeit reluctantly) whatever Bush and McCain hammer out. Democrats, who want to take action but don't know how, will also go along with the deal but they will try to add silly things to the bill so they can also claim victory. Obama is just window dressing as he has shown that he does not have a real voice of power at the table.

Only McCain can deliver the deal. Harry Reid and the Democrats knows this. If the Democrats then oppose this deal, they will look like obstructionists who will oppose anything the GOP does without offering any viable alternatives (once again...referring to an energy policy).

This is clearly a win-win for McCain, and a lose-lose for Obama. How many more times can Reid, Pelosi get snookered? I don't know, but it seems that it is very seasy to do.

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